Intercept Technology Inc. is a privately held electronic systems design and software development corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1983, Intercept initially provided engineering research and development to government and industry in communications, signal processing, microelectronics, and electronic system design, including printed circuit board design and fabrication. As an electronic design automation company, Intercept offers high technology software design applications necessary to create mixed digital and signal printed circuit boards, hybrid, and RF designs.

Pantheon, Intercept's high technology PCB/Hybrid/RF design software, was released in 1996. Mozaix, Intercept's advanced schematic application, was released in 2000. Today, Intercept's EDA software suite includes Pantheon PCB layout design with specialized RF, Hybrid, and high speed design options, Mozaix schematic design, simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, Indx library management, and 35+ database translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, Hybrid, High Speed, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs.

Intercept's software solutions are both customizable and scalable, serving small, medium and large sized companies.


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