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WELCOME TO PANTHEON, the next level for PCB, Hybrid, and RF design engineering. As part of Intercept's complete design environment, Pantheon offers advanced solutions for system level design, topology planning, design constraints, geometry generation, component placement and routing, area fill, testpoints, split power planes, RF, hybrid and high-speed design, and artwork creation/verification. Not only does Pantheon offer artwork creation and verification, it also offers the industry's only true double verification system in which the artwork is checked based on manufacturing rules, ensuring that the manufactured design will have zero defects. With the integration of multiple applications' abilities into one highly functional application, Pantheon increases productivity to previously unreachable goals, while keeping design time and cost to a minimum.

Pantheon's solid foundation of existing design features is complemented by the most rapid software enhancement schedule in the industry. Pantheon meets your evolving design needs with frequent software releases that regularly incorporate user-requested features. With Pantheon, you never wait a year for features you really needed yesterday; enhanced Pantheon releases are typically available every two to four weeks.

Along with Intercept's schematic design application, Mozaix, and library management system, Indx, Pantheon is essential to Intercept's complete design flow, offering a seamless and complete transition from schematic to layout to manufacturing.

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