Concurrent Design

Pantheon offers the ability for a group of designers to complete portions of a board concurrently using block technology, or physical hierarchy. This technology aids floorplanning by allowing a physical layout to be divided into actual physical blocks. One master layout can be divided into many separate circuits, which can then be converted into block geometries. These geometries can be designed independently of one another; block geometries are treated like independent boards, and use the same technology rules and design rule checks to make it easy to verify each section of a master layout prior to updating it to the master layout. When a block is updated to a master design, changes automatically update on the master. This method of using physical hierarchy allows any number of designers to work at the same time, reducing design time exponentially. 

Block geometries can be placed any number of times in a master design, reducing repetitive edits. In the same vein, each individual block’s hierarchy can also be flattened, meaning that the circuitry can be merged to become part of the master board instead of its own geometry. This allows circuitry to be manipulated separately from its original block geometry.

Completion of a master layout is also made easy with a flexible connectivity model that allows connections to be made from block to block or board to block, making routes to and from blocks transparent. Once each block is complete and updated to the master layout, the complete board can be checked with standard verification, and artwork generation and fabrication. 

Design integrity is easily maintained from schematic to layout using physical hierarchy. This hierarchy is mimicked in the schematic as well, making the connectivity relationship between schematic and layout one for one. With block designs in the schematic also represented as block designs in the layout, teams of schematic designers can work concurrently on separate block designs just as teams of layout designers can work on the physical block designs. Updates and annotations from schematic designs to board designs are simple and easy, and the one for one relationship is maintained from each schematic/board design to the final master design.

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