At Intercept, we are always striving to deliver better, smarter, and faster software solutions for our users. Our primary focus is to shorten design times, strengthen design integrity, and ensure rapid delivery from schematic design to layout design to manufacturing.

Intercept's flagship product, Pantheon, offers robust solutions in the PCB, Hybrid, and RF design industries with a myriad of supporting applications such as Mozaix Schematic Capture, 30+ database translators, 15+ interfaces, Indx library management, Design Automation products, and reverse engineering tools.

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WELCOME TO PANTHEON EMSAT, an affordable Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Signal Integrity (SI) solution. This software solution pairs the EMSAT post-layout EMC and SI design rule checkers, developed by IBM® and sold through Moss Bay EDA, with a customized Pantheon EMSAT Viewer that displays each violation on the board in real-time.

EMSAT's EMC and SI rule checking offers fast, easy post-layout analysis with flexible user options. Each rule can be tailored to each design, ensuring that any electromagnetic or signal integrity degradation is properly identified for correction. By checking for these violations up front, costs and design failures are reduced to a minimum.

"We use EMSAT every day.  It takes 30 minutes to review a board with EMSAT and before we needed more than 400 minutes. The rules in EMSAT are more powerful and can help us find the real problems.  This is a tool developed by someone with a deep understanding of EMC.”
-EMSAT User, EMI Dept., Fortune 500 Company 
Intercept’s Pantheon can utilize any one of its 35+ database translators in tandem with the EMSAT viewer and EMSAT violation file to create a violations list that can be viewed real-time in the layout. Customers already using Intercept’s Pantheon can add the EMSAT viewer and analyze the design for EMC and SI violations during the design process, without having to wait for the board to be fully routed.
Xtent High Speed Constraints Editor Offers Simplicity and Sophistication All in OneHarness the power of high speed design with the Xtent Technology Rules and Constraints Manager, an integrated single source tool for the management of design rules and constraints in Mozaix and Pantheon. Accessible throughout the design cycle, Xtent allows for quick creation, manipulation, and assignment of design rules and constraints in an integrated application.
A signal path in Pantheon, just before auto-tuning.Xtent’s spreadsheet format provides a robust and flexible environment, which includes visual cues for layer stackup and padstack construction, and color coded highlights to indicate rule or constraint violations and changes in layer rules. In a real-time bidirectional exchange of information between Xtent and A signal path in Pantheon, automatically tuned to the specified length.Pantheon, actual lengths of From-To and Signal Path nets are displayed, with automatic select and tune of one or more of these objects enabled by a single mouse click. Likewise, this powerful information exchange is available in Mozaix, where complete rule definitions, assignments and high-speed constraints Auto-Defined Signal Path can be defined and annotated to and from the Pantheon layout. Rules can also be imported and exported to and from designs or edited in MS Excel .csv file format.
Xtent includes several high speed constraint options: Signal Path Class, Signal Path, and the single net High Speed editor. Licensed separately for high speed design environments, this specialized design flow includes the ability to define Signal Path (electrical paths containing more than one net) lengths, net lengths or pin-to-pin (From-To) length constraints using formulas and functions, as well as the ability to auto-define Signal Path objects through user-specified pattern criteria. For single net constraint management, values may be specified and assigned using pattern matching as well. High speed net constraints include match groups, formulated net length criteria, real-time length display, and real-time error checking to guide users as they enter their constraints.
Intercept’s RF, Hybrid and High-Speed design products are available for purchase with Pantheon, Intercept’s PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design application, and Mozaix, Intercept’s schematic design application.
PCB RF Wireless Design with PantheonSolve your time and performance challenges with mixed RF and PCB circuits: use Intercept's Pantheon layout software, the only integrated PCB and RF design software solution that offers RF-specific features, allowing RF designers to work alongside the PCB designers in the same software application.
No other application offers such a comprehensive set of RF capabilities, functions, methods and interfaces to meet your RF design needs. Pantheon eases the RF and mixed-signal design process by providing options for a layout-driven design or a traditional schematic-driven design, with integrated interfaces to third party analysis software.
Pantheon's ADS and MWO Model Library BrowserComplex shapes can be created and edited with Pantheon's advanced area fill, path, and graphic object editing. In addition, a library of RF models is provided for use with bidirectional interfaces to Ansoft HFSS, Agilent EEsof ADS, and AWR Corp.'s Microwave Office.
RF design is made easy and intelligent with physical hierarchy using Pantheon's block geometry technology, which allows for any number of block geometries to be placed within other blocks. Additional specialized RF design options include conversion of primitive shapes to intelligent area fills and a special Route Parametric Component mode that creates connections between RF model elements using parametric stripline and micro-strip lines and bends with the click of a mouse.
Automatic Via Fencing in Pantheon Saves TimeIntercept offers a whole environment solution, with a full suite of software including library management, schematic, and layout software along with 25+ powerful translators and interfaces. RF designers are able to choose between layout-driven or schematic-driven designs. Simulation circuits can be imported directly into Mozaix from AWR's Microwave Office and incorporated into existing schematic designs at any time in the design cycle, while at the same time complex shapes can be imported directly into Pantheon via DXF or other options. Layout-driven designs can be synchronized with a schematic using an advance back annotation option that can detect new components placed in Pantheon and place them automatically on schematic sheets from a library, or list unplaced components in an interactive panel for drag-and-drop placement.
Pantheon PCB layout software meets the challenge of high density, complex PCB designs. With advanced options such as design reuse with block technology, auto-interactive routing that can automatically bend around and hug closely to objects in dense areas, concurrent design methods using design sections, flexible editing options to quickly change area fill and frequent enhancement releases that constantly improve these areas, Pantheon offers a full solution for any PCB layout environment.
Along with its powerful design capabilities, Pantheon also offers advanced design for manufacturing (DFM) verification that ensures design integrity from three points: Design Rule Checks, Engineering Rule Checks, and Manufacturing Rule Checks. Each set of checks serve their own individual purposes of making sure that every design meets full quality standards and does not exhibit any flaws that might cause a bad board to be built in manufacturing. This process is the industry's only double verification flow, which not only checks the board design for flaws, but also checks the actual artwork output to ensure no flaws were introduced in the generation of the artwork for manufacturing.
For full details on Pantheon's PCB layout capabilities, see the Pantheon product description page.


Hybrid Layout with PantheonTake your hybrid designs to the next level with Intercept's Pantheon, advanced PCB layout software with a specialized design flow for Hybrid and MCM designs. Integrated with its advanced PCB and RF design capabilities, Pantheon offers a rule based design environment that provides hybrid designers many options to not only automate their design processes, but also to benefit from the real-time checking that ensures an error-proof design.
Pantheon's hybrid-specific features include the ability to easily create dielectric layers, cavities, embedded components, embedded inductors, ink resistors, blind/buried pins and vias, scalable artwork, and parametric wirebond breakouts. Pantheon simplifies parametric ink resistor creation (rectangle, serpentine, top hat, and more) in an easy-to-use dialog, while also allowing multiple metals to be routed on a single layer and output separately. Since dielectrics are defined in the board's physical layers, each design is ensured to be error-free when using Pantheon's embedded Design for Manufacture (DFM) checking.
Pantheon's Wire-Bond Breakout Generator Saves TimePantheon is more than just a hybrid design application; it provides all of the basic to advanced capabilities needed for the completion of PCB, Hybrid and RF designs, including design rules management, artwork verification, 3D design viewing,  embedded DFM checking, and much more. Since hybrid functionality is included within Pantheon, it retains full compatibility with Intercept's schematic capture application, Mozaix, allowing a seamless transition of a hybrid design between schematic and layout. Contact us to learn more about how to accomplish your hybrid designs in the Intercept flow.

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