Pantheon PCB Layout Software

Welcome to Pantheon, Intercept's advanced PCB layout software with specialized RF and Hybrid design flows. Pantheon offers an easy to use software interface with basic to advanced design options that increase productivity and efficiency for design teams of all sizes. From the one-man company to larger Fortune 500 companies, Pantheon offers a scalable and affordable PCB layout solution.

Pantheon’s basic features include geometry generation, component placement and routing, flexible area fill creation and manipulation, automatic testpoint generation, split power planes, and artwork creation/verification. Pantheon can be used with or without a schematic, making it excellent for prototyping. More advanced features include 3D viewing, reuse blocks that can contain any number of blocks within blocks, embedded Design For Manufacture (DFM) checking, high speed constraint calculations with auto-tuning of wires, RF design capabilities that include interfaces to Ansys® Designer® and HFSS®, AWR Corp. Microwave Office®, and Agilent® ADS®, hybrid design capabilities, advanced ink resistor generation, and more.

Intercept’s complete design flow includes CAE/schematic capture, symbol and part library creation and management, database translators to easily transition from any existing EDA software environment, simulation and analysis interfaces, reverse engineering and design management options.

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