PCB RF Design with Pantheon

PCB RF Wireless Design with PantheonSolve your time and performance challenges with mixed RF and PCB circuits: use Intercept's Pantheon layout software, the only integrated PCB and RF design software solution that offers RF-specific features, allowing RF designers to work alongside the PCB designers in the same software application.
No other application offers such a comprehensive set of RF capabilities, functions, methods and interfaces to meet your RF design needs. Pantheon eases the RF and mixed-signal design process by providing options for a layout-driven design or a traditional schematic-driven design, with integrated interfaces to third party analysis software.
Pantheon's ADS and MWO Model Library BrowserComplex shapes can be created and edited with Pantheon's advanced area fill, path, and graphic object editing. In addition, a library of RF models is provided for use with bidirectional interfaces to Ansoft HFSS, Agilent EEsof ADS, and AWR Corp.'s Microwave Office.
RF design is made easy and intelligent with physical hierarchy using Pantheon's block geometry technology, which allows for any number of block geometries to be placed within other blocks. Additional specialized RF design options include conversion of primitive shapes to intelligent area fills and a special Route Parametric Component mode that creates connections between RF model elements using parametric stripline and micro-strip lines and bends with the click of a mouse.
Automatic Via Fencing in Pantheon Saves TimeIntercept offers a whole environment solution, with a full suite of software including library management, schematic, and layout software along with 25+ powerful translators and interfaces. RF designers are able to choose between layout-driven or schematic-driven designs. Simulation circuits can be imported directly into Mozaix from AWR's Microwave Office and incorporated into existing schematic designs at any time in the design cycle, while at the same time complex shapes can be imported directly into Pantheon via DXF or other options. Layout-driven designs can be synchronized with a schematic using an advance back annotation option that can detect new components placed in Pantheon and place them automatically on schematic sheets from a library, or list unplaced components in an interactive panel for drag-and-drop placement.

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