Mozaix Schematic Capture Software

Mozaix Schematic Capture Software

Take your hybrid designs to the next level with
Intercept's Pantheon, advanced PCB layout software.

Mozaix Schematic Capture Software

WELCOME TO MOZAIX, Intercept's high-performance schematic design application for rapid design entry. In a single hierarchical design environment with intuitive and user-friendly features, Mozaix allows for the fast creation and management of professional schematics in a single application. The multiple views in Mozaix allow designers to edit parts, symbols and sheets simultaneously, speeding design edit time and global design maintenance.

Mozaix’s spreadsheet-style editors provide users with a unified look and feel throughout the application, making it easier to use for engineers who do not use the application daily. In addition, streamlined library integration, with or without the Indx Library Manager, makes synchronizing information with an actively edited library fast and easy.

Mozaix is tightly integrated with Intercept's Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF design product family, with design changes communicated back and forth seamlessly. The Mozaix/Pantheon integration is most notable in the areas of design rules and constraint management, and design reuse with block technology. Design rules and constraints are passed seamlessly from schematic to layout, while schematics can be designed with layout blocks, offering the first ever linked logical and physical block geometries.

The engineers in Trimble’s Engineering and Construction division have been using Intercept’s Pantheon PCB CAD software for 15 years. We are drawn to Pantheon’s intuitive interface and ease of use. The software strikes a balance between providing the user with the powerful tool to expedite the board design process without over-constraining the user’s ability to tailor the product to match our design process.

Mark Salvador, Manager of Electrical Engineering Group, Trimble

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