Additional Options

Additional Options

We do our best to provide easy pathways
to and from the Intercept environment.

Intercept understands the various requirements a typical design process may use to reach production. To this end, we offer many interfaces to keep the design process flexible and easy. If an interface is not currently available for a particular software package, Intercept can quickly develop additional interface software to meet your design needs. Contact Intercept Sales for additional information.

Physical Interfaces:

  • GenCAD
  • GenCAM
  • DXF
  • IDF
  • IFF
  • ODB++

Analysis/Simulation Interfaces:

  • Ansys PCB Thermal
  • Ansys Designer SI
  • Hyperlynx
  • Quad XTK
  • EMSAT EMC + SI Checking
  • Sisoft Quantum-SI (QSI)
  • Sisoft Quantum Channel Designer (QCD)

RF Interfaces:

  • Ansys HFSS
  • Ansys Designer RF
  • AWR NI Microwave Office
  • Keysight ADS

Autorouter Interface:

  • Cadence Specctra

Artwork Verification

  • Import Gerber/IPC

As the industry's foremost expert on translations, Intercept offers solutions for all your conversion service needs. Migration of legacy or current libraries, schematics and layout designs from any third-party software into the Intercept solution is fast and easy. For more information, contact Intercept Sales.

Import Layout to Pantheon

  • Altium Designer
  • Altium Protel
  • Mentor Board Station
  • Mentor Expedition
  • Mentor PADS
  • Cadence Orcad
  • Specctra DSN
  • Zuken Visula
  • Zuken CadStar
  • Supermax
  • PCAD
  • DXF
  • IDF
  • IFF
  • + Many More

Import Schematic to Mozaix

  • Altium Designer
  • Altium Protel
  • Mentor Design Architect
  • Veribest CAE
  • Viewlogic/ePD
  • Orcad Capture CIS
  • + Many More

Import Library to Indx

  • Altium
  • Mentor LMS
  • DxDatabook
  • Orcad
  • ViewLogic/ePD
  • + Many More

Translations can be done on an as-needed basis with Intercept, or in-house with the purchase of a translator license. Contact Intercept Sales to submit a sample benchmark design. We will work with you to identify which files are needed, and will use the data to quote the license purchase or translation service. All translators require a Pantheon or Mozaix license as well as the associated import or export translator license.

While Intercept's core software products offer simple to advanced design automation, some environments require additional automation to help get the job done more efficiently. Choose from one of Intercept's automation product packages below, or speak with us directly about customized automation needs that we can help implement for your design team. Contact Intercept Sales for additional information.


Compare library and design changes from database to library or between databases to ensure archived design integrity and minimize ECO mistakes. Discrepancies are displayed directly in geometries and on the board part, and can be written to a report file.


DrawingX allows users to automatically generate complex assembly, fabrication and library part drawings according to a defined standard. DrawingX provides an editing environment that may be used to floorplan drawing templates and provides a comprehensive palette of common features, such as board stackup diagram, automated dimensioning controls, and design notes that are automatically generated by the system during drawing creation.


QCX provides a method for encapsulating complex verification processes to ensure DRCs, ERCs and MRCs are performed completely and according to manufacturing requirements at both the schematic and layout levels.


ReleaseX allows users to automatically create all manufacturing files required for each vendor to which product data is supplied. ReleaseX enables businesses to setup vendor profiles that include contact information, pack and ship instructions, and a complete palette of design files that may be produced from Pantheon. The shipping instructions support email, network copy, or FTP instructions for auto-release of design files to the target vendor or PDM system.

Palindrome Reverse Engineering

Palindrome is Intercept's state-of-the-art reverse-engineering option that detects layout-driven design changes and automatically adds them to a Mozaix schematic. As an enhanced back annotation option in Intercept's Mozaix schematic software, Palindrome compares schematic and layout data and provides valuable design-discrepancy information for RF engineers and PCB design teams. Palindrome automatically and interactively generates new, logically correct schematics that are fully synchronized with layout.

Palindrome's reverse-engineering features enable designers to choose components to add to the board that are complete with company-specific part numbers and other key properties. Designers may back annotate complete design sections to the schematic that include added Digital, Hybrid, and RF circuitry. New parts and symbols can be read in from a linked company library, or can be automatically generated on the fly during back annotation.

Palindrome is especially useful for specialized design flows that include sending Pantheon circuitry to a third party simulator. Forward a schematic to layout, modify the part circuitry on the board by adding new Digital, Hybrid, or RF sections, import an RF section from another database or third-party tool, and finally back annotate layout modifications to the schematic. Users can also implement a full reverse engineering flow that starts with importing the PCB from legacy data such as Gerber-only recovery, and finishes with auto-generation of complete schematic and library data.

I’ve used and evaluated several of the industry leading PCB design packages. When you compare the methodology and functionality it becomes clear Intercept’s suite of tools offers the most productive path from concept to CAM.

Lou Shababy, PCB Design Manager

Pantheon PCB Layout Software Solutions

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