Hybrid MCM Design with Pantheon

Hybrid MCM Design with Pantheon

Take your hybrid PCB layouts to the next level with a
specialized design flow for Hybrid and MCM designs.

Hybrid MCM Design with Pantheon

Integrated with its advanced PCB and RF design capabilities, Pantheon offers a rule based design environment that provides hybrid designers many options to not only automate their design processes, but also to benefit from the real-time checking that ensures an error-proof design.

Pantheon's hybrid-specific features include the ability to easily create dielectric layers, cavities, embedded components, embedded inductors, ink resistors, blind/buried pins and vias, scalable artwork, and parametric wirebond breakouts. Pantheon simplifies parametric ink resistor creation (rectangle, serpentine, top hat, and more) in an easy-to-use dialog, while also allowing multiple metals to be routed on a single layer and output separately. Since dielectrics are defined in the board's physical layers, each design is ensured to be error-free when using Pantheon's embedded Design for Manufacture (DFM) checking.

More than just a hybrid design application

Pantheon is more than just a hybrid design application; it provides all of the basic to advanced capabilities needed for the completion of PCB, Hybrid and RF designs, including design rules management, artwork verification, 3D design viewing, embedded DFM checking, and much more.

Since hybrid functionality is included within Pantheon, it retains full compatibility with Intercept's schematic capture application, Mozaix, allowing a seamless transition of a hybrid design between schematic and layout. Contact us to learn more about how to accomplish your hybrid designs in the Intercept flow.

I’ve used and evaluated several of the industry leading PCB design packages. When you compare the methodology and functionality it becomes clear Intercept’s suite of tools offers the most productive path from concept to CAM.

Lou Shababy, PCB Design Manager

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